My day (night) job…

  Sometimes my work includes taking photos for people who do not want their faces or defining features, like tattoos visible. I occasionally get asked about this. “Why don’t they have faces?” Well, the truth is they do have faces. The purpose of working with … Continue readingMy day (night) job…

WPC: Transmogrify #2

Some of the other entries on Transmogrify for this week’s Photo Challenge. These are a few that have spoken to me: Just a Fallen Tree Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrified Those Red Leafs Floating in Creek weekly photo challenge: transmogrify Transmogrify Curse the Pigeon Pose Under the Full Moon Wide-angle Halloween portrait Transmogrify Transmogrify: … Continue readingWPC: Transmogrify #2

WPC: Transmogrify #1

I’m super excited about the prompt for the photo challenge this week! Here’s my first contribution. It’s a sexy self portrait that initially I stuffed up that incidentally fits.  Explore other posts on Transmogrify !  


  So before I got bugged down with another winter flu I met up with my good friend Kitty Du Jour for a bit of mucking around in photography! Here’s some of my favourites from the day that are a bit sensitive for sharing on … Continue reading#freethenipple

Busy Laziness

Over the last few weeks I have been hibernating to some extent, which I like to blame on the weather. It’s winter here and I am NOT a winter person. Give me 35c days and I’ll revel in the warmth, humidity and sun. I’ve been … Continue readingBusy Laziness

Why Be Creative Now!

So, something came up today which hit a nerve, or a lightbulb depending how you look at it, about why I have chosen to dedicate more time to my creative self, now. I was having a conversation where that commonly thrown out comment, “seems like everyone is a photographer these days” and it wasn’t said negatively, or intended so, but my inner angry goblin twitched. … Continue readingWhy Be Creative Now!

The Power and Beauty of Boudoir Photography

The power and beauty of boudoir photography has gained a special place in my passion since I was first able to muck around with a camera and old enough to buy an array of magazines with luxu… Source: The Power and Beauty of Boudoir Photography