WPC: Chaos

Chaos This is chaos. I’m not a fucking happy camper. These are the twins rooms at present. You can bet they won’t be looking like this by the time they get home from school today because Mum’s going on a rampage. I’m due to go … Continue readingWPC: Chaos

I Have News!!

It seems like whenever I get to a cruising point in my life, I manage to find something landing in my path that takes me on a new journey. I’m doing it again. This year I have been “unemployed” but working on many personal projects … Continue readingI Have News!!

WPC: Transmogrify #2

Some of the other entries on Transmogrify for this week’s Photo Challenge. These are a few that have spoken to me: Just a Fallen Tree Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrified Those Red Leafs Floating in Creek weekly photo challenge: transmogrify Transmogrify Curse the Pigeon Pose Under the Full Moon Wide-angle Halloween portrait Transmogrify Transmogrify: … Continue readingWPC: Transmogrify #2

WPC: Transmogrify #1

I’m super excited about the prompt for the photo challenge this week! Here’s my first contribution. It’s a sexy self portrait that initially I stuffed up that incidentally fits.  Explore other posts on Transmogrify !  

These guys!

The once very Tiny Twin 1 36w 2.1kg  and Twin 2 36w 1.2kg are now turning 12 years old. Twin 1 is ridiculously tall and any day now will be towering over me. He’s also incredibly quick-witted and clever. Twin 2 has a huge heart and loves … Continue readingThese guys!


Local After waiting for a long time out in the suburbs, I’m ridiculously happy living closer to the city! North Perth is my local now and living here for the past two years has been everything I hoped and dreamed. I love the beautiful mix … Continue readingLocal