This time last week I was mulling in silence and preparing myself for a journey that I had underestimated in benefit. These benefits now seem like a rolling awareness with new insights finding me, every damn day. It seems so, anyhow. Parts of my body still … Continue readingProjection


I have a chunky awareness of what it means when I say ” Someday “. I think most people do. Someday is a polite cop out used in place of having the courage to commit to something. I’m enormously guilty of doing this. I hold myself back from … Continue readingSomeday

What is Love?

In a painful eye contact exercise, that I contributed to earlier this year, I was asked repeatedly, “What is love?”. This question often pops up for me as I reflect, through various moments since then, on the answers in which I gave. I question so … Continue readingWhat is Love?

Fish Thoughts

  Today’s word prompt is Fish. Memories are such wonderful and mysterious things. As I get older my memory fades, however, I still have a few vivid images from my childhood and two of these involve fish. Though they get blurry over time, and it makes … Continue readingFish Thoughts