Hedonism in Art

Would it not be true to say that most images produced today, are about Hedonism in some way or another? Paintings, photographs, print media and even what we see splayed over social media sharing or inspiring the pursuit of please and self gratification. We expose … Continue readingHedonism in Art

Why Be Creative Now!

So, something came up today which hit a nerve, or a lightbulb depending how you look at it, about why I have chosen to dedicate more time to my creative self, now. I was having a conversation where that commonly thrown out comment, “seems like everyone is a photographer these days” and it wasn’t said negatively, or intended so, but my inner angry goblin twitched. … Continue readingWhy Be Creative Now!

To Close and Fade

Some scars are like ghosts on the skin. They rapture our memories and haunt in ways that can motivate or hinder our perceptions. Scars engrave us with the stories that we carry with us even if those scars are not outwardly open for observation. My … Continue readingTo Close and Fade