Darkly Ramblings

I cut her. Cut her freshly and watched it transform the delicate features of her face. Her mouth twitched as I drew my dagger of insults across her chest, marking her as I had many times before. A rogue wisp of hair that clung on … Continue readingDarkly Ramblings

So Close…

  “Tonight you’re gonna go down in Flames” I’ve left the main character in my story hanging tonight and this song crossed my mind… I’ll help her clean her mess up tomorrow…  

Day 1: NaNoWriMo

Just about 4 days ago a friend of mine posted something on facebook which caught my attention. I clicked through to NaNoWriMo and after having a good snoop into what it was all about, I decided why not give it a go. Why not take … Continue readingDay 1: NaNoWriMo

WPC: Transmogrify #1

I’m super excited about the prompt for the photo challenge this week! Here’s my first contribution. It’s a sexy self portrait that initially I stuffed up that incidentally fits.  Explore other posts on Transmogrify !  


Waiting She was waiting there a long time for the right moment. Sick of feeling and absorbing fear through the oxygen in that house. Her hands were constantly dusty from pawing at the old plaster board walls. The climbing and scratching there had peeled the … Continue readingWaiting

Promises  You always told me not to make promises I couldn’t keep. Yet, you taught me that your promises, Were given to make me bleed. Wishful thinking, hopeful and beyond Your promises were made to me, given to deceive. I watched your words patched in … Continue reading


Original as in beneath and before Where even marks that live there show Coming forth and then retreating Bending and twisting Original as in the first That feeling that dies there flows Crumbling and whimpering But, you don’t leave You just know.  

Back To Basics With Art and Illustration — Discover

“Once you let go of any judgement and faithfully transport what’s in your mind onto the page, that’s when you discover who you really are.” Writer and illustrator Millie Ho candidly describes her creative process. via Back To Basics With Art and Illustration — Discover