IMG_0760Hi I’m Dez, I like to take people out to the bush and shoot them. With my camera of course, and their permission. I also like to write things, make art, collaborate and get into as much trouble as possible without consequences.

People honestly terrify me but I love them…I mean…I have realised I don’t hate people as much as I have always thought I did.

Being a photographer, I love visually stimulating things and I often get distracted by shiny objects. However, I am sincerely down to earth, and realistically half way to hell. If you need a ride, I will definitely save you a seat. I’m top shelf like that!

I am a Perth photographer, but will happily travel to get the hell away from my life at a moment’s notice if given half the chance. I love my family dearly…love my life…

Other than shooting people in the bush, I love urban landscapes, city life and sex, I mean boudoir. And I really am motivated to help others explore their own identity and connectedness. My services are all inclusive, sex positive, kink positive and free of judgment.

So please, grab a cushion, your medication, a coffee or tea, some snacks (bring extra for me) and a large bottle of any alcohol you like! I’ve got a whole lot of nothing to say like the rest of the world and the liquor will help, I’m sure of it. But if you’re like me, and alcohol somewhere along the line broke up with you and didn’t tell you, but you kept drinking anyway and it’s always a mess……put on your trusty straight jacket!

That’ll help keep you still, quiet and coddled.