IMG_0760Hi I’m Dez,  a Custom Portrait Photographer and Content Designer offering creative services in Perth, Western Australia.

With an eclectic love of writing, art, and photography I live as passionately as possible creating and inspired by the world around me. I seek happiness through challenges, achievements and navigate my own divine feminity as best I can.

As a cusp star sign of Sagittarius and Capricorn, I wage war trying to balance the fire and earth. I live in the world, swearing at my control freak and I wonder every day if I have lost my mind.

The reclaiming of my own identity begun as I burnt out about 8 years ago when I was fed up with the life I had created for myself. I threw in the towel and when I emerged I had a vague clarity on the direction I was heading. So I slowly started gravitating towards my purpose. I become clearer every day and it’s through the ability to create and share what inspires me that this is possible.

I’m thoroughly passionate about adventure, expression, art, tribe and family. I’m a wife and mother with a fantastic support network of friends. This is where my heart lays and my soul burns.

I am motivated to help others explore their own identity and connectedness. My services are all inclusive, sex positive, kink positive and free of judgment.

So please, grab a cushion, your medication, a coffee or tea, some snacks (bring extra for me) and a large bottle of any alcohol you like! I’ve got a whole lot of nothing to say like the rest of the world and the liquor will help, I’m sure of it. But if you’re like me, and alcohol somewhere along the line broke up with you and didn’t tell you, but you kept drinking anyway and it’s always a mess……put on your trusty straight jacket!

That’ll help keep you still, quiet and coddled.