#RantSunday a Note on Mum Life

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Maybe I’m an over sensitive mum or maybe I’m over people commenting on my body.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked, “So when are you due?”

It’s been years since anybody holla’d “Nice Tits!!!” and I suspect it’s likely I’m too old for men to feel that they can “get away with it” or maybe it’s because I look pregnant! (LOL!)

Either way, the expectation for my body to be or do as per other people’s ideas or suggestions reached it’s pique for me this week.

It’s rude, to assume someone is pregnant and I don’t know how many times women are going to need to have this conversation. Really I think Jennifer Garner said it best;

Honestly though, I get really fed up trying to justify why my body looks the way it does… I get really fed up hating the way my body looks too. When I think I’m over it, it comes back up again like the 5th vomit of a horrific hangover and burns in the back of my throat while I try really hard to choke back my anger.

Also, I’m done having kids and I hate the question, “So when are you going to have another one?” Like my sole purpose in this life was to fucking procreate.

DUDE!!! I already have three!!! I can’t be bothered!!! I’m tired and I’ve spent most of my early adulthood raising kids. (They still Pest┬áme on the toilet for god sake!) I love them dearly and I love my life but there is more to life than making babies… Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean this is my only useful skill. Just because I have children doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to other things.

Amongst mum friends, I notice mum’s getting uncomfortable when I talk about not having more babies like I’d be abandoning my duty. But I really feel it’s their own discomfort about their own choices. WHICH ARE NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

There is this strange false encouragement that I’ve also been privy to from working mums when you mention wanting a career. They pucker up like an unlubed asshole in fear that there are not enough jobs going around for women, as they mention how hard it is to juggle and balance their lives but how they feel free and liberated through the stress of it all.

So, now I’ve eaten my bitch flakes and shared my rant I’m going to go put my gym clothes on in the hopes of toning and shrinking my retired baby making tummy!!!


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