Stockings for Fetish and Fun

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Stockings Perth

I had the Satisfaction of getting together with my best friend of 10 years this week to muck around with one of those beautiful full body stockings. These are so fun to play with and we had our fair share of giggles, but also, she looked hot as fuck!

It can be tricky/nerve wrecking photographing close friends, especially if it’s the first time and in some cases more so for boudoir. Christina and I had a real blast with this and the majority of our time was spent trying not to let our laughter interrupt us. I know she’s plotting an evil plan though to make me model for her!

I relied on the natural light available in her bedroom which was plenty considering it’s winter in Perth right now. I really do love exploring natural light, especially for boudoir photography.  I’ve included the black & white pictures below and they are stunning! The colour ones are even more sublime so make sure you get back some time on my portfolios to see them! Worth it!


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