For Spectra Doll’s June shoot, we got together in the “not so” Secret Garden! Honestly, it’s beautiful, and I’d heard many things about this location over the last few years and more so now that I’ve “came out” as a photographer. The Secret Garden is Unusual for its mystic and charm being located in amongst a reasonably new residential development. For all that I’d heard about it, the Secret Garden is accessible and open to the public. Nobody “owns” it and people frequent the area quite often. Often enough that it prevented us completing the shoot without being interrupted by locals.

So, for what it’s worth it is a lovely little location that I would use again. Being a lover of nature, with my own preference for shooting on location the Secret Garden provides a sweet location within 15 mins of home that will get the job done. The only down fall is that it’s too busy for doing nude work, at the risk of offending anybody that passes by.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day but if you’d like to see more then visit

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