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This time last week I was mulling in silence and preparing myself for a journey that I had underestimated in benefit. These benefits now seem like a rolling awareness with new insights finding me, every damn day. It seems so, anyhow.

Parts of my body still ache from the hike in the bush. My feet still feel tender and blistered, and my body is exhausted enough that I am sleeping better than I have done in Months. 

Key points that have stood out to me this week has been my love/hate relationship with money. I’ve been trying to pin down where my fear around money comes from and what propels it. Keeping locked away in this stressful state as I claw through my days dreading to know how to survive with it.

Then the nail got smacked on the head with an almighty clunk: PROJECTION!

Yes, there I said it.

The realisation for me is and this is now the story I am choosing;

I am not afraid of money, but I feel the fear that other people have for issues surrounding money, which triggers me into believing that I too should be afraid. 

Here are some of the things that I am constantly now aware of hearing from other people that I choose to look at with my new hearing ears;

How are you going to pay for that?

Don’t you want more?

I know how much you need the money right now.

If you want money you need to work harder. 

I don’t have any money.

I’m really struggling right now, times are tough. 

….stretched so thin. 

Well, yes. These are a few of the golden lines that I have noticed in the language of people around me. Without realising I had become to have such an unhealthy attitude towards money, therefore was unable to value what the positive aspects of having money can be.

When my perception shifted and I realised how this projection of other people’s fear was affecting me, now I fully view money as a tool to help create abundance and gratitude.

The extension of what this has meant for me this week in terms of perception and realisations is something I think that will take some extra time to mull over.

If my fears around money are influenced so strongly by other people projection their fear, what other fears do I have that are also a result of other people.

My body?

The way I look?






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