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Perth Boudoir Photography


Sometimes my work includes taking photos for people who do not want their faces or defining features, like tattoos visible. I occasionally get asked about this.

“Why don’t they have faces?”

Well, the truth is they do have faces. The purpose of working with me as their photographer is that I can offer a safe, comfortable place to have photos taken that is discreet. Why? Because sometimes the people in front of my camera need or want privacy.

In case you haven’t clued in yet, I work in the Sex Industry. I’m a receptionist at a reputable bordello in Fremantle and I love my job. I’m not exactly in the closet about what I do. So some of my photography clients come to me because I can take gorgeous photos for them with my own Aesthetic style which suits their needs. I offer boudoir style photographs that are not “typical” of being “tits and ass”. (Not that there is anything wrong with tits or ass, I quite love them.)

Something that came up recently with my boss was the discussion we had on the style of photos which pulled more attraction for advertising. I’m a real stickler for wanting things to look neat, clear and pretty. However, it seems that a growing trend is the selfie image, even when it’s blurring and awkward looking! (Go figure, right?) So something I’m having a bit of fun with is trying to work my way around using our standard iPhone camera and being able to take photos that *I* like and suits what the boss wants as well.

So, in case you want to be nosy, you can see some of my Boss approved iPhone photos on .

(The image above was taken for a private client and not with my iPhone)

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