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Dongara W.A

I have a chunky awareness of what it means when I say ” Someday “.

I think most people do. Someday is a polite cop out used in place of having the courage to commit to something. I’m enormously guilty of doing this. I hold myself back from doing things, not even always out of fear but just sheer laziness.

I love the fact that many of the new people I met over the last year have taught me to challenge my perceptions around what holds me back. It’s frightening how often people (and I) actively practice holding themselves back, and the interesting excuses they tell themselves to achieve stagnation.

The rollercoaster year of 2016 taught me something very interesting, that sometimes I do like to go against my own grain. I like to push boundaries, try new things and meet new people. So I was a bit shocked when I finished the year off and started this one feeling a bit retracted and some noticeable habits started rearing their ugly head.

The awareness I have around this now means that the more I start putting things off and resisting moving forward the more determined I am to defy my own logic and do the opposite of what my conscious self is telling me to to do.

I don’t want to do things someday, I want to do them now.  I’ve been trying to get out of town for over 4 school holiday breaks and each time something comes up. Today, we’re going! I made the plans and prioritised what I wanted to do and we are packing up the car and heading out.

And it feels really good.  Something that over the last few weeks I’d forgotten, is how good it feels to do things for my own enjoyment. Not being beholden to what other people want or need me for and just doing something because I want to, and because it’s important to me.

I’ve felt incredibly inspired to get back to doing more of the things that fill me with happiness and joy. Remembering that I choose. It’s my choice… Always.

So, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend because I’m heading up there to visit family, where the air is fresh and salty and the sunsets are uninterrupted.

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