Staying “Hot” in Your Relationship.

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About a week ago I got stuck at work and decided to flick the T.V on to watch while I finished folding some laundry. Now, at home, we don’t even have free to air T.V connected. We haven’t for years and watching on this particular morning, I was sorely reminded why that is.

I was watching Sunrise on 7 and a segment came on, interviewing Amanda Lauren regarding a blog she had posted “Staying Hot For My Husband is ESSENTIAL To a Good Marriage.”

What really worked me up about watching this, wasn’t what her opinions were. No, it was the fact that the people over at channel 7 decided to interview her and mock the ever-loving shit out of her and her opinions. Essentially, they were shaming this woman for what choices she makes in her own life, her own relationship and were blatantly rude and disrespectful to everything she said. The interview was tedious to watch because even when she was trying to communicate her point of view and what it meant to her personally, the show hosts would twist and distort her words.

For me, I watched on feeling how absurd the interview was and could have easily shrugged it off without feeling triggered. However, the following segments on this popular morning show were all advertising gimmicks for Nutri-bullets and Vibration Training machines which no doubt are aimed at shaming people into being better versions of themselves.

So, I’m just wondering… Which is it?

Should the target audience at home, who are probably women, be ridiculing other women for making a choice to value self-care or be feeling shit about themselves and be buying ludicrous crap to “fix” themselves. Because: Let’s teach women that it’s not ok to want to look good, but you are pretty much a crap human if you don’t.

Either way, it’s a confusing message and I’m so glad I don’t have that kind of rubbish streaming into my home on a daily basis. No wonder people are fucking depressed and full of self-loathing and doubt.

I wanted to link the episode or segment here, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

T.V will not only rot your brain, it will rot your perception of yourself and teach you to hate others.


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