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Today’s word prompt is Fish.

Memories are such wonderful and mysterious things. As I get older my memory fades, however, I still have a few vivid images from my childhood and two of these involve fish.

Though they get blurry over time, and it makes this odd sense of wonder if they ever really happened. They can seem fragmented at times which leaves me questioning my own reality. How easy it might be for our own minds to distort our perception based on fear or enjoyment.

I have a fragmented memory of being out fishing when I was very young. It was cold, wet and in my perception, where I stood on the end of the jetty with my mum and her friends who were fishing, it was high up and we were flanked by the onslaught of raging waves. I can’t remember if it was me, or someone else but I remember someone wearing a bright yellow fishing jacket. At some point, someone has lifted me up and dangled me over the end of the jetty and I am in panic for not wanting to fall into the raging sea below.

I’m not sure how much of this memory is real, but I can say I’ve never been fond of fishing.

My other memory is of my first trip to the Aqwa Aquarium here in Perth. Though, I’m sure it was called something else back then (because it would have been over 25 years ago.) I remember being on the conveyer belt going around the tube and watching all the fish pass me by. When I came eye to eye with the big fuck off shark though, I near on shat myself and ran off. I can hear my mum calling for me, as I tore around the tube trying to find my way out.

I’m not sure how much of this memory is real, but I know I really fucking hate shark movies, (and love them) AND I don’t ever go in water that isn’t clear as day, nor do I go in past my knees.

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  1. Quite a coincidence that I also have a memory of being dangled over the side of a boat and being terrified of falling in. Upon thinking back to the event, I’m pretty sure it is a mis-memory of sorts. That is, the dangling didn’t really happen, but the feeling of fear was related to something else that I don’t want to remember. The mis-memory is, in that sense, a displacement. I’m not saying your memory is, too. But, it’s possible.

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