My favorite coffee shop always has these cute/funny little tip jar signs, which they change every few days.

Usually something along the lines of this.


Cute, right?

However, I walk in this morning and was a little taken aback when I saw this.


Some people might think that I get a little too sensitive or PC when it comes to slurs, god knows that I’ve been told that often enough.

“Get over it, it wasn’t meant in a bad way.” 

“You get offended over everything!” 

That’s all well and good for other people to say, however you don’t get to decide what I should or shouldn’t be offended by, especially if you are a civilian, or male, or (insert privilege here).

Casual whorephobia might not seem like a huge deal to people who have never worked in the sex industry, and I have bought the issue up with a few…

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