“What? Here?” My mind flooding now with panic, as he gently released my hair allowing our eyes to meet. Looking at me expectantly, he leaned back placing his hands upon the bonnet of the Ute. Tough nut to crack, I nuzzled into his neck seeking the warmth there for my face. He smelt like cedar, sweat and skin which roused and calmed me. Ben nuzzled back at me, as I listened closely to the rise and fall of his chest, totally un-phased by my little outburst. I considered my predicament carefully, knowing that I was my own obstacle here. Perceived fear had drowned me at the thought of exposing myself, even if I’d wanted and ached it for.

“Yes, now, take them off.” His voice honeyed over me in that low, persistent tone. Crumbling in his words, I stepped back from him holding our gaze as I lifted my hands from my hips, taking the bottom of my shirt in my finger and thumb then raising it up over my head. I wriggled uncomfortably trying to wedge it over my bra before it released and flung over my head. I held it in my hands, shoving it into a ball. Ben was still watching me, his eyes still firmly on mine. He took his own lip into his mouth, raising an eyebrow at me with sheer cockiness. I threw the shirt at him, which he caught in a quick reflex. Amused, he looked down at my pooled shirt in his hands, then back at me. Steel expression fell on his face and he moved quickly, coming at me and reaching for my convenient handle of hair. He pulled down hard enough that it forced me to my knees. Yelping, I fell instinctually trying to avoid further pain. A small giggle escaped as nervous laughter got the best of me.

Ben let me go and I fell forward onto my hands. The sandy dirt clung to my skin and pebbles imprinted into my palms and I giggled again, softly raising my head to find him. He moved slowly, crouching down, placing a hand under my chin to lift my eyes to his. Those dark eyes burning into mine with a cheeky smirk.

“You are feral aren’t you?” He jeered, pushing me back into a kneeling position while edging his face closer to mine. “That’s perfectly fine with me,” and he laughed softly at me. It quickened my breath to have him so close, and once again I relaxed. Ben leaned in closer, his lips touching mine softly, “Peyton, won’t you please remove your fucking clothes.” His words breathlessly instructing me now, moving against mine with every word. My breathing hastened as did my hands, searching for the button to my pants. I thought he might move away, but he stayed, sharing his lips on mine as I fumbled to get myself undone. No time to waste, I wriggle my jeans over my hips, ass and thighs while lingering on his lips. Hungrily, I urged forward and his mouth accepted mine, his hands then holding my face, pull me up with him to our feet. I nudge one boot to the other, slipping my feet out of each before wrestling the jeans all the way down and finally off.

Instantly he released me, stepping back to gawk. I must have looked ridiculous, my face still floating on our kiss before I’d registered his absence from it. Ben chuckled at me as I stood now in the middle of the dirt driveway in nothing but my snuggly fitted black lace lingerie set.

“Is there anything you need to ask me?” Ben’s words pry, preying on my shyness as I move towards him again. I secretly hope to get close enough to shield my body with his, to save me from feeling exposed. Reading my mind, he raised his hand up keeping me at that favoured arms length. His fingers and palm flat on my chest feeling at the heavy beating in my chest.

I sigh. “No, not yet,” and follow behind him as he walks off in the direction of the house, cautiously looking over my shoulder to make sure no body is looking. I can feel the day heating up as the sun embraces my exposure with the slight cool breeze gently licking over my skin.

Inside the house was rather beautiful, simply furnished and minimalist. I guess since no one lived here full time there was no need for ‘stuff’. The walls had a few family photos from over the years, many of which had been taken at the property.

“So can I have my clothes back?” I snorted. To which he spun his head and peered at me, pausing in thought.

“No, I don’t think so,” and he simply walked down a hall way leaving me to stand in the living room. “I’ll fetch your things from the car in a moment, have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

Rather late the previous evening, Ben had sent me a text about this weekend. He outlined that it would be fun, challenging and rough but only as per things we’d discussed in earlier conversations regarding limits. The original plan being that we were taking a day trip only, and I should pack for a few different scenarios. I’d asked if it was likely that the day would extend, but he would only admit that it depended though he never said on what. I was mildly curious that it had something to do with me and my ability to use my words. Honestly, I hoped that I wouldn’t let myself down. A million women or men would probably jump to be in my shoes, begging like their lives depended on it to have this gorgeously, fit, 20 something guy to have his way. I sulked inwardly and plopped ungracefully onto the grey modular couch. It was overly modern for such an old country home but then, everything in here felt new.

Sitting down I Realise my socks are still on which were now covered in a light film of red dust. Reaching down I removed them only to have Ben walk back in and gleefully remark about how happy he is to find me removing more of my clothes without needing to be asked. In return I sneer at him briefly considering throwing them at him. Safely though, I decide to keep it as a funny joke for myself.

“Follow me,” his voice carries through the house, most of which has been fully opened; the curtains, windows and doors. I quickly move down the direction he went and at the end of the brightly lit hall to stop in the doorway to a room. The floors through this section of the house are old floorboards, which have been well maintained, though they creek slightly under our foot steps.

“I’ve laid out fresh towels and there is a robe for you in there too.” Ben pointed towards an adjacent entrance on the other side of his room. Like most of the house, his room was minimally furnished and only neutral tones used on the walls and bedding. I hurried to where he was pointing, wondering if my freckle peppered body was easier to examine now that we were out of the harsh sunlight. I generally think my body is too pale and while I’m active I’m a bit soft and curvy in places. Pushing those thoughts out of my mind, I choose to focus on getting in the shower. Scrubbing the scuffs of dirt and the sweat off my body I massaged my own tension from my skin. I didn’t fall into my usual day dreams here, on edge and too wired in my thoughts to allow myself to wonder. Although Ben left me in peace, it made me curious to know where he was and what he might be doing?

Refreshed, I emerged from the time spent in the shower briefly drying myself off and covered my body in the crimson satin robe left for me. Noticing no other clothes had be recovered for me I was grateful that the robe was long and luxuriously covered my body. It occurred to me that I might not be the first girl to be bought here, or to wear this robe and I paused in that thought. Peeping my head around the doorway, considering whether I should want to know the answer to that question.

Out in the lounge I found Ben sitting on the end of the couch, flicking through his phone. Noticing my entrance he placed the phone down purposefully and smiled. Just in front of him was a cushion front the couch which he patted, motioning for me to sit before him. I teetered over somewhat gracefully, or trying at least before kneeling to rest in the space he’d indicated, nestling myself there with his legs either side of me. From the corner of my eye I could see that the thick leather collar I’d fondled on the car trip here was sitting on the other side of him, almost hidden on the corner of the couch. Ben looked over at it, acknowledging that I’d seen it there and turning back to face me his lips were caught in a pursed smiled. I was craving for him to touch me, edging a little further forward in the hope that he would.
“Is that for me?” my voice was raspy from the steam of the shower, and silence as I nodded in the direction of the collar.
In an equally raspy voice he replied, “Before I answer that, we need to discuss some things.” In agreement, I nodded.

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