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I’ve said before in another blog, that one of the things I truly appreciate in art is being given an opportunity to see through someone else’s eyes. To have another person share their experiences and views in what it is that they want to say or express.


Hans Bellmer Dolls
Hans Bellmer

When I was first studying art I was introduced to a work belonging to Hans Bellmer. I was instantly drawn in wanting to know and see more of his creations. What resonated with me from looking at his works, was this sense of macabre, and twisted reality through the disfigured limbs, frightening dolls in various states of composure. Bellmer shared his mind through photography, dolls and drawings using his ideas in different but haunting ways. Honestly, there is a violence in his work that appeals to the darker nature of my own mind and the distorted relationship I have with my own body and sexuality. Some of Bellmer’s pieces had a autonomous machine like presence within them that for me, affects the laden attitudes I have in relation to my divine femininity.

I sought to explore the war I was internally waging and one of the pieces I worked on during this time was a 3D artwork compiled from a jewellery box and various objects. Some of the materials I used were; red jelly, razors, food and slurs as I explored the dark loop that has played on my mind through adolescence to adulthood and becoming a mother.

Feminine Angles DKI have had high expectations of myself and felt enormous amount of pressure to make up for my own perceived failures. This became a blind mission in figuring out how to mould those dark parts of me with this person that was supposed to be sweet and domesticated. This is something I still struggle with and like to play with through the images and art that I create.

Fetish is not just an artistic approach or design for me but something that emanates in my personal relationships, hobbies and interests. I am inspired by aspects of taboo, sexuality, humility and self presence in the things I enjoy putting together whether that be in photography, writing, painting or drawing.

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