By 10pm I was in a haze and body stupor from relaxing in my bar stool drinking gin watching Leah glow over the shaggy haired boy on stage. Wednesdays sees Club Bar filled with students and back packers all wanting to get the most out of the cheap drinks and mid week vibes. Not usually my scene, but I don’t mind pulling myself out every now and then especially when it’s time I get to catch up with my best friend. Leah and I have been friends since graduating high school and met on the public transport getting to the city each day for Tafe. It was kind of hard not be become friends when we actually got to know each other, despite having been in the same high school for two years previously. That and being sardined every morning on the same bus with strangers we generally ended up nose to nose giggling about.

I said my goodbyes for the night and lazily slipped out of my stool to stroll the 2 or so blocks home. I’d wondered whether Ben would have left me any messages, or if he’d just have waited for me to call. I knew he’d be annoyed at me, but not in the kind of way that was overly serious. He wasn’t going to make Crisis where there didn’t need to be. There were rules and expectations that we’d been working on but he wasn’t the insecure controlling type that I’d been privy to in a prior relationship. Being with Ben really put a lot of things into perspective for me about compatibility and respect. He knew that BDSM was newish for me and wanted to give me time to research and explore at my own pace. Generally, I think this approach is admirable, but a lot of the time I just feel really hungry to jump in head first. What’s the harm right?

There it was, my phone, right where I’d left it charging on the bench. I grimaced to look at it, not sure if I could will myself to pretend I wasn’t home yet. I couldn’t. I shyly pressed the button, illuminating the screen to reveal nothing but the time and the picture of Leah and I at a birthday bash last month. I wasn’t sure if I should be relieved or not but my insides tickled at me. I flicked to my recent calls list and almost without hesitation pressed the screen on his name and held the phone to my ear. Immediately I wanted to hang up but the connection had already gone through and my stomach turned a little hearing the dial tone. I wasn’t scared, I was flooding with anticipation and possibly adrenaline, thinking back to his capturing me earlier tonight.

“Hello Peyton..”
“Hey, how was your day?”
“Oh, well that’s better than boring, isn’t it?”
“Might say that, yes…. I see you located your phone.” I could hear his mouth smirking at me.
“I did. It was right here, recharging away where I left it.”
“Ah, so you left it behind then…you didn’t forget it.” His voice a little heavier.
“Like I said, I left it behind when I zoomed out in a hurry, it was unplanned.” He chuckled at me and I knew for sure then he was playfully trying to bait me.
“I went to dinner after work, we finished early tonight. I was going to pop by tonight if you were home, so I was surprised to see you out when you hadn’t let me know.”
“So you thought you’d stalk me?” I poked.
“Yes, I love a good game of cat and mouse, don’t you?”

I could feel my face burning against the words, remembering back to one of our first encounters where he had me run through the sticks and bush in the National Park in the guise of a sexy version of hide and seek. He’d called it a cat and mouse game then, saying that if I managed to get back to the car then I would be “safe” from ravaging. Lucky for me I was fitter than he knew at this point, and managed to have a great deal of fun leaping, ducking and evading him for at least an hour and a half. Having walked plenty far into the walking trails, and knowing the grounds well, it was an exhilarating and challenging experience. Towards the end though, with my eyes firmly planted on the finish line, he (barely) breathlessly had swooped me from the side, securing my arms behind me and ramming our bodies into the thick base of a forest tree.

The sensation was delicious with the force of his strength driving me into the rough surface which grazed at the flushed skin of my chest. Having never played like that before I was exhausted, breathless and wet with expectation. I wasn’t sure how far he would take it at that point, but it surprised me when he dug into my neck from behind with his teeth. He sensually feasted, adjusting his grip back and forth then repositioning his mouth until I was near covered in his bite marks. It was hard to not be wanton, when he merely let me go and slapped my ass I could only glare at him while trying not to explode. Probably not a typical date for most people, but it was something we’d enthralled over during a discussion we’d had on our actual first date.

“Mmmhmm.” It was all I could muster in my reminiscing.
“Oh, Yes!” I alarmed at the prompt from his voice entering my head once more.
“Where did you go just now?” Gah, I hated it when he pried into my thoughts as I found it embarrassing to share them. It wasn’t something I was used to, having to open up and verbalise things that were quite well and safe in my head. I guess that was part of the excitement it created.
“I was just thinking back to our first game of cat and mouse.” I offered. “…and how excited I was during, and how horribly frustrated I was after.”
“I see, So you’re still holding it against me about that are you?”
“It’s a bit strange though, don’t you think? We’ve been seeing each other regularly for a few months, and we haven’t…?”
“Haven’t slept together?”

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