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Over the last few weeks I have been hibernating to some extent, which I like to blame on the weather. It’s winter here and I am NOT a winter person. Give me 35c days and I’ll revel in the warmth, humidity and sun. I’ve been busy, and busy being lazy. Shooting between fleeting moments of motivation and planning what I should be doing, to only contend with myself that it’s just too fucking cold.

I’ve been rugged up with my studies and articles that I write as part of my business here in Perth as a Content Designer and I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot last week with my good friend Kitty Du Jour. I also managed to find passion in painting again, for which I am ecstatic about working on after many years of creative hibernation. I’m enjoying the slower pace these days and finding a new rhythm in my work and maintaining the home, especially since I’m snuggly back in a more traditional role of housewife. It feels good to be doing things I know I do well, and to know I’m not floundering in total work/home life chaos as I once had been.

I haven’t had my car for the last week, a blessing in disguise really as it forced us to walk more, as we always intended to do when we moved into the city. The downside being I’ve had to turn down location photoshoots as I do not have the transport to lug myself there. (I’m hoping to have this rectified this week.)  I have a few photoshoots booked for August which I am very excited to be doing; one Fetish themed, a couple of boudoir and a maternity shoot too!

We’re half way through the winter and I really just wish that it would hurry up and be over! I think we’ve all caught the sniffles again here which isn’t liable to help my motivation any!

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