Sensations I love to hate.

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Perth BDSM Sensation Play

That feeling of picking up really hot take our food like fish and chips and having it sit really hotly in your lap for the entire drive home.

When you’re cleaning with a bucket of hot water and you wring the boiling water from the sponge of cloth.

Accidentally touching your neck with a hot curling iron.

Prickles, sometimes.

Steaming hot baths and showers that leave your skin pinkish red.

Walking on rocky surfaces bare foot like pavement, pebbles or jagged rocks.

Getting out of the pool in summer and walking on hot pavement, seeking refuge in the warm summer pool puddles. Also walking the hot length of the sandy white beach on your way back to the car.

Muscle pain from working out, because who doesn’t love that feeling of exhaustion and repair the day after a good work out.

Paper cuts… because yum!

Getting yourself with a sewing needle it’s the nip and shock that does it for me!


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