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I had originally intended to write about something else this week. I had one of those stock standard ideas for a blog that would have been pretty easy to write about because it wouldn’t have required a lot of over thought or connectivity. Given that this week has been better than the last few, because I’m on the mend from the deathly winter flu, it’s still been a really challenging week with other family issues going on.

So, something came up today which hit a nerve, or a lightbulb depending how you look at it, about why I have chosen to dedicate more time to my creative self, now. I was having a conversation where that commonly thrown out comment, “seems like everyone is a photographer these days” and it wasn’t said negatively, or intended so, but my inner angry goblin twitched. One of the things that really crushed my interests in pursuing creative passions was because of comments just like this.

There is a huge number of people offering creative services these days, in general. I guess photography is one of those services that is so easy to see an influx of because of it’s visual nature. I amend with myself here, I am not just a photographer but even if I was my creativity is still valid. And so is yours. I let comments like that one up there, stifle myself belief for a really long time. I only made allowances to enjoy photography as a hobby because I didn’t value my own ability to create or have my voice heard.

This year has been a turning point for me and while the events that lead me to change really challenged me, I’m grateful. I love being able to harness confidence, creativity and my voice. I think it’s important for me to do that, not just because it will make me a better or happier person, but it makes me a better role model for my children. I can’t expect my children to chase their passions while I sit on a fence and procrastinate about my own.

I’ve become the epitome of a broke, starving artist…sort of… and I’m so much happier than I was when I was pouring my good years into someone else pocket. Having all the things I love about art, photography and writing back in my life has really made me understand how much of myself I have been hiding away. When people make dismissive moments about the arts in general, it makes me sad. It used to make me dismissive, but now I just feel sorry that I wasted my time being that way. I have a lot to make up for, and I can’t bloody wait!

If you’re still reading this: Thank you for listening to me waffle on 🙂

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