I am in no way a foot person. Feet actually gross me out. Of course, I have feet and generally I am not traumatised by this. In fact, having feet are incredibly useful! I am understandably very grateful for being blessed with feet. However I have never been inclined to want to look, or touch other peoples feet, or even have people look or touch mine. I didn’t get my first serviced pedicure until just before I got married at 27 yrs old. This was a definite turning point for me!

Lucky for me there has not been a point in my life or relationship that has required me touching feet. We do not have any foot fetishes or boot taking off rituals when he comes home from work like some of my other submissive friends have with their partners. I am mostly happy about this. Since that turning point though, of finally feeling comfortable in letting complete stranger touch my feet buffing and polishing them to perfection, I have been come more appreciative of the concept of having rituals involving feet with in a power exchange relationship. Though I’m positive there are doting partners out in the world who love feet in all sorts of ways, regardless of whether they are in a BDSM style relationship.

So my now looming curiosity is whether or not providing my loving Dominant partner some kind of foot care or ritual would add an element of humble service that I might enjoy. I wonder whether or not the act of bathing his feet, or taking off his boots at the end of a long day would create an opportunity to connect and space for me to be mindful in my submission.

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