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My City is Perth, Western Australia. DSC09519.JPG

When I first met M, my now husband and Dominant partner, we lived in his city apartment on the Clubbing Strip in the heart of Northbridge. I’d never lived the city before  this, and had spent most of my life out in the ‘burbs. I’d started spending more and more time in town, going to Tafe and finding my way around the mall streets and arcades of shops. Even when I had only enough money for bus fair or a train home, the city was where me and a lot of my friends chose to hang out. We even had rather glorious “spots” and adventures!

Perth isn’t very big and I don’t have anything to compare it to because I’ve never been anywhere! Even still, I love my city. We moved out of our studio apartment when devastating pregnancy of 2004 turned us into insta-family, expecting twins on our first and only time we forgot to use a condom…. (Don’t be stupid kids! Use a glove!) We moved all the fuck the way out of the city… *sadface* It was a trauma that just never ended. We really tried to be happy out there. 40 mins drive to the city and most of our friends wouldn’t come see us because it was too far. The ones that did, or tried often got lost! There were times I really thought we’d be stuck out there.


But after a decade long suffering we managed to secure an opportunity and now we are safe and securely back where we love. Ok, so maybe we’re not right in the heart of the hustle and bustle, but we’re a little older now and certain things we weren’t in the market for. We live just outside the city, in a modestly gorgeous tuscan style home, with no big lawn to fuss over and within perfect walking distance to shops, schools and bus routes.

I love living here so much! The economic down turn here in Perth has seen us in for some hard times. Bluntly: It’s Shithouse. But I was running the numbers the other day, and if we’d been out in the burbs in this position we’re in now, we wouldn’t be able to survive. With the ways I’ve found we’ve reduced our family expenses by living here, it balances out. If we’d stayed out in bumfucknowhere, M wouldn’t be able to afford the petrol to get to work… if he had any. Just by the fact we don’t drive 30min-1hr every day for school runs or more for work, we have saved ourselves an enormous about of $$$.

Some people don’t believe me when I tell them it’s cheaper living in the city but for us it definitely is. Saving money isn’t the only reason I love it here so much. The schools are well staffed with fantastic teachers and community spirit, the streets feel safe and the parks are always alive with children and families. Being in town has offered my eldest creations an opportunity to develop neighbourhood friends and independence, something that just wasn’t possible when everything was so spread out.

One of the other noticeable differences in our lives now, is how we all have more time for each other and less general stress. Our house is mostly low maintenance and best off all, NO RENOVATIONS NEEDED! Trying to renovate a house and live in it, while working and raising kids was near impossible. Renovating was always a cause for concern, discontentment and misery for the relationship between M and I. I’m thankful that part of our lives is over.

The next fews years are not going to be easy, working hard to keep food on the table, working towards our dream jobs, but we’ll be so much happier we took the chance to move back to where our hearts first met.


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