An Honest Look at What I Love About Art

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“Art” is  a very broad term for how I relate and define it. I enjoy many different art forms and there is so many to enjoy!  People who engage in various forms of art, including music, dance, game design, photography, drawing, knitting often refer to it being a place of peace and escape. In that, art for them often transforms into a place that they can get away to clear their thoughts, meditate, indulge, and experience.  What I love about art, doesn’t just amount to that place of creativity that I enjoy, but that by viewing and experiencing other peoples creations we get to explore other worlds and minds.

Colour, line, form, perspective, texture make up a few of the elements in which common analysis defines art. These elements are used to express while emoting a range of human emotions and experiences. Art concepts that transform that which we accept as the real, into visual representations of life and all that it is. (My love for art is mostly romanticised and lends to insight imagination for me.) 

Enjoying various mediums in experiencing and creating art allows people to leave their mark on the world and as we view through the history of artists and their work, we have access to transport ourselves through time and space! Hows that for time travel!

There is something very interesting for me about watching the way we have developed the concept of art since I was a child with the standard pack of crayons and colouring book! Art wasn’t traditionally encouraged as a career or notion for paying the bills. For that reason it amazes me that what I see today is the accomplishment of art as a subtle (or not so) facet of how we get around doing all the things that we do in our daily lives.

My last few years in high school I took art and drama, neglecting computer based classes and even media. Fifteen years ago, those mediums of art were of almost no interest to me the way that they are now.  The idea of stretching my creativity and learning has become a refreshed passion of mine. I love how art offers me opportunity to challenge myself, and evolve my perceptions of the way I experience my life as well as other peoples.



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  1. you have an interesting insight on the importance of art – not just for personal satisfaction, but for leaving your discovery for others to enjoy!

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