I heart strip clubs too… so very very much.



I LOVE strip clubs and anyone that knows me knows this for a fact. I’m an absolute fiend for a woman on a pole. Or a lap dance. Or a private show. I love seeing a woman with so much stage presence no one in the audience can look away. I love when you get a lap dance or private show and they make you feel like the only person in the world. I love their curves and their soft skin, when they flick their hair and how they smell when they lean against you. I suppose the thing I love most is that their sexiness is out in the open, displayed openly and with abandon, rather than bottled up and hidden away like it is in real life.

Whenever we travel, we nearly always end up in a strip club at some point. New York, Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Jamaica, Thailand, Sydney, Melbourne, the…

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