Stockings: Sexy Fetish or Nuisance?

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Whether you love them or despise them stockings have been a feature of the feminine wardrobe for a long time. These garments are made close fitting and generally stretch to fit over the foot with the material stretching the length of the leg to the thigh. Depending on the style stockings can also be made in a more of a sheer stretchy legging with can be worn without the aide of a garter belt, as was traditionally worn with the thigh high stockings that are still very popular. With so many styles, colours and opacities to choose from, navigating stockings can be a tricky feat!

Stockings Types and Materials

Fashions and the practicality of wearing stockings has inspired and transformed the way we dress our legs and for what reason. I have my preferences and for the 21st Century the choices available mean that stockings for me don’t come down to societal requirement but one of personal preference and luxury. Though when I think of the type of stocking that appeals to my sensual tastes, it would most definitely be the traditionally fetishised black sheer, seamed thigh high stocking that delicately clings to the soft skin of the leg. Practicality and experience tells me though, that wearing such garments everyday would drive me a bit nuts!

One of my favourite preferences for dressing my legs is always the Fishnet stocking. While I don’t wear them in thigh highs, they are the perfect accompaniment to most of my dresses, skirts and various other costumes without making me feel pinched at the waist band. The extension of this in my glorious love affair that I have with body stockings! These babies make me feel covered just enough that I don’t feel totally exposed and can be great for layering under clothes without creating lines and nuisances to what I am wearing on top.

Boots and Stockings Fetish

As much as I love the way wearing a pair of good fitted panty hose, the truth is there are at least two things that royally piss me off about bothering in the first place.

Holes and Fucking Ladders. Really, it’s never worth me spending too much money on stockings that are a wear-once kind of deal. Even when I am careful putting them on, I have to be able to avoid sharp objects for the rest of the day and thats just near impossible. Rings, fingernails, corners of coffee tables, car door, handbag zippers and boot clasps or zips. They all find me and when they do the whole thing is ruined…and I’m not always going for the “ripped” kind of look!


Uncomfortable Readjustments. It doesn’t matter whether they are the panty hose legging style or the thigh highs, I always feel like an ungraceful when trying to pull things back into place. I’d like to think that if I had more practise wearing stockings that I would look more graceful and comfortable wearing them.


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