Surrender to The Beat

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I surrender to the sound of the thunder as its spontaneous vibrations are loud and mind-jolting. Its gives me pause to think and wait for more. I’m patient. Instant, unplanned and freeing the mind from whatever clutter has been residing.

This is why I surrender to the sound of your voice. I let it be the music for my nerves. Your voice comes to rest warm and rough in my ear requesting confirmation that I am ok. Gives me cause to try swallow the dry in my mouth away. I can muster no sound so I just nod and go back to resting my head on the pill of my arm.

The heavy rain of suede that falls in my back, jolts me like the crack of the thunder. I welcome its threat of pain. We create a rhythm and dance. You make music on my body, Love and it’s music I love to hear. This is how I surrender to the beat.


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