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I’m a disgusting human sometimes who is essentially begging for clogged arteries. Which going by my family genetics I really shouldn’t engage in dangerous eating adventures but I just love food. I love all kinds of food, not really too discriminating of food…

Pancake Sunday is a bit of a thing in my home. Unless I’m too tired, working, sleeping in, lazy or possibly hungover, then we just do pancakes whenever I can be bothered, regardless of which day of the week it is. I have a brilliant, simple recipe I found a few years ago which is my go to recipe for pancakes unless I’m really bloody lazy and in that case we just use the cheap packet from Woolies. Those little bottle ones that you shake are shit. I have never every got a good batch of pancakes from them, not matter how hard I try.

A few weekends ago my sister came to stay with me and keep me company when I was going through a bit of a rough patch. We got tuckered into a batch of pancakes and it just so happens that it was in fact a Sunday! Our love for pancakes was soon a realisation that part of the reason our version of pancakes had gotten slightly smaller over the years, more piklet really, was that we had an enormous love for eating them topped with butter. We realised that we didn’t even know if we wanted necessarily to eat the pancake, or just conceal that we were actually eating butter. As if it was a tiny, slippery, creamy, salty, delicious like canapé…

In our excited, somewhat euphoric, agreed omission we dreamed a creation that seemed to unify us in a way that being sisters never would. The Butter Pita Pancake. Yes, we made a fresh batch to experiment with having been disappointed that our epiphany had come after the pancakes were finished and enjoyed by all.  We sought to make these ones a little thicker, smaller and plump. Once they hit the plate it was easier to slice that gap into the side and create a magnificent little pita… the pancake pita. I just bet you could stuff anything in there!!

Now from here it there are two courses of action with completely different outcomes. If you load the butter into the pita and the butter is too hot, its going to melt yeah? Which is absolutely acceptable. You can go ahead and shove it in your face at this point and still be a bloody happy camper! However have a plate, or a handy towel to mop your face up. That’s my little tip from a butter face to another. Your Welcome.

Oh, but if you’re wanting the kind of butter eating experience that we did you’d cut your plate of mini pancake pita and let them contemplate there existence/cool down while you potter in the kitchen and maybe clean up your cooking mess.

Let them cool enough, but not all the way then as you fill it with butter, it stays. We don’t usually keep out butter in the fridge, but this was a brand new cold stick of butter and it was a decadent treat. When you bit into the pita there was this marrying of warm and delicious and cool and smooth. It was everything that I ever wanted in the moment.

#inmyface butterpitapancake


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