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Spanking Therapy
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Spanking is a very special part of my relationship dynamic. For me, there is nothing quite as accessible and open for feisty improv and for that it’s one of my favourite things to do. I like knowing that I might not always ‘see’ it coming and that spanking can have a lot of expression with very little effort required. You don’t need much to carry out a spanking, or an affectionate tap on the bottom.

There are a few different varieties of spanking in my relationship which I have varying amout of affection for, some more than others. Here are a few of them!

  1. Funishment:  This kind of spanking usually happens because I am being more cheeky than is overly funny, but not overly naughty. Its a good release section which generally begins with a battle of the wits and verbal sparring that warms up as a nice provocation to wrestling. It almost always progresses in a way that I am pinned and restrained some how, likely under his legs in come contorted fashion, and he has ready access to beat the cheeky out of me. Being the stubborn shit I am, I continue to taunt and relish lovingly every bit of the pain and fun we are having. Funishment spanking leaves me breathless, exhausted, realising of his physical superiority over me and a lot hot.
  2. Pass-By Love Tap: This is the affectionate ‘tap or tap tap’ to the bottom that I believe some find patronising. But not me, I am amorous for the love tap! Its usually just a fleeting moment where he shows me affection in a way that it kind of promises whats to come. More spanking, more love, more time together, more pain, more pleasure, and more trust. So while others might not romanticise it like I do, I will almost always chose a quick tap on the bum over a bunch of flowers or some other checkout grocery store ‘gift’. ( It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the intention.)
  3. Spanking that leads to sex: *sigh* I LOVE spanking that leads to sex. Its delicious. Its usually what comes after Funishment and is hot, sweaty, primal and fun. Really Fun. (Its also usually because we have the house to ourselves! Yippee) Sex after spanking is like a gold mine of passion receptors pinging around like a room full of ecstasy laden ravers…. but better.
  4. Spanking During Sex: ’nuff said.
  5. A spanking I didn’t know I needed:  When we set up to play, we never know how that session is going to go. Not sure how I will physically or mentally respond to the impact, and whether I will settle into it, or continue to fight. Occasionally we have sessions that end in tears which aren’t from the searing hot pain on my ass, but the pain in my body that I swallow down everyday. It comes a flood of odd salty liquid shit from my eyes and messes up my face, makes me snotty and gross. So I usually get shifted into bed with a tissue and a hug. Sometimes I get cookies but I don’t want to give anybody false hope here: Not all spankers give cookies, or hugs. (Disclaimer:::Please check with the person administering your spanking before engaging in any play about what their policy is on sugary treats and affection after beating you will be to avoid any disappointment or crushed dreams)

I’m pretty sure there are more types of spankings. So I am going to come back to this list to add them in time. As you can see, I am quite fond of spanking and it does have some therapeutic qualities at times. I don’t usually think to much on the why, and just surrender to enjoying the ‘owwwww’.


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